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Horizontal and Vertical Vacuum Metallising Plants are made from 610 mm to 2130 mm diameter chamber, for decorative and functional coatings. We have different models of the Plants to suit one’s production requirements and can also make specific size plant to suit particular application.


  • The plant is designed for complete panel operation using electro- pneumatic valves.
  • Opening of the Baffle Valve is towards Chamber. This prevent roughing/high-vacuum to be done in the B.V. in repetition of cycles. Also, B.V. works as Buffer Tank. This reduces cycle-time by about 50%.
  • Work Chamber and Diffusion Pump size is bigger than others. This increases the production a lot.
  • Filaments placement is so designed that aluminium coating covers full length of the spool.
  • Proprietory design of Chevron to avoid Back-Streaming of D.P. oil in work-chamber which improves brightness & adhesion of coatings.
  • Proper inter-lockings are provided in functioning of the plant. Also, automatic coating arrangement prevent rejection by 100%. Even a new operator can run the plant.
  • We provide compact control panel over the body of the plant, containing fully functional operational controls near the viewing window to ease the operations of plant and to save floor space.
  • We have made/sold more than 400 industrial plants.
Our plants are being used for providing Silver, Golden, Rainbow & Metallic colour effect on mirrors, reflectors, wall-clocks, photo frames and many other fancy items made of plastic, glass and metal.
SPECIFICATIONS – Horizontal Metallising Plants
SPECIFICATIONS – Vertical Metallising Plants


We make Automatic Lacquer Spray System required along with Metallising Plant to carry out the desired production.

Our Lacquering System is best suitable and matching for operations along with Metallising Plants. We have provided specific Design and Safety Interlocks to minimize human errors.

Lacquer Spray System is suitable for lacquering any product, loose or loaded on spools and it consists of upward draft Lacquer Spray Booth (the direction of flow of air from floor to the roof of Lacquer Spray Booth), Automatic Spray System and Tanks for lacquers.

Water Screen Type Lacquering Booth:

Maintains dust level to minimum, prevents spreading of lacquer particles, and maintains clean air.

Collects over-sprayed lacquer & solid particles and discharge solvent fumes outside the building thus reduce the fire hazard.

Automatic Spray System:

Our Spray System is suitable for spool size upto 20” dia. x 50” length.
It is having four Automatic Spray Guns for spray, Anest Iwata make.

Position of the spray guns can be adjusted at any suitable
distance from the spool and can be set in any desired direction.

Rotation of spool and movement of guns across spool are controlled
by two AC Drive motors.

Suitable solenoid valve, pressure controlling valves, sensors, pipelines etc are provided for smooth, automatic spray operation.

Lacquer Feed Tanks:

We provide three tanks for primer, basecoat and topcoat, capacity 30 ltr. each and one tank for thinner, capacity 4 ltr.

- Easy to handle, greater control without the fear of spilling or interruption of paint supply
- Long life with minimum maintenance
- Refilling time is considerably reduced.
- Bulk thinning of paint to the required viscosity is possible resulting in reduced colour variation, eliminating variation in finishing.
- The spray gun can be turned in any position.
- Absence of the cup makes the gun lighter. Thus less effort is required by operator.
- Overall productivity is increased and higher rate of coverage can be achieved.
- Maximum Air Inlet Pressure, 60psi (4 bars)

Your Scope of work

Civil works, Exhaust Ducts, Water Filling/Drain Lines, Air Lines with filters, Electrical Connections.

We offers an extensive range of Industrial Lacquer Curing Ovens for curing lacquer before and after metallising on glass, plastic and metal articles. These ovens are specially designed for Vacuum Metallising Industry and comprehensively engineered to incorporate the latest features.


  • Digital Temperature Indicator cum Controller
  • Digital Timer, 0-999 minutes
  • Heaters - standard 1000 W rating, strip type
  • Switches, latching type with illuminating front
  • Fan Motors – Direct Drive type
  • Inter locking for safe operation

COSMIC series - LCO ovens can be used in various industries but these ovens are specially designed to be used in Vacuum Metallising Industry for curing base-coat and top-coat of lacquer on glass, plastic and metallic articles.

COSMIC series-LCO ovens are double walled with inner and outer shells made of thick mild-steel sheet. Each heating element is independent and can be easily replaced in the event of damage/ failure. Forced air circulation is provided with suitable number of fans in the inner working space, which are driven by a Direct Drive, motor fixed outside the oven. Temperature of the oven is controlled by a digital temperature indicator/controller.

A control panel is provided on right side of the oven. It contains contactors, MCBs for mains, fans and heaters, digital temperature indicator/controller, digital timer 0-999 min., relays and other required items.

These ovens can be supplied with trolley, made of mild steel stock or with trays, made of mild-steel sheets. The number of trolleys/trays and size depends on a particular application.

Our expert advice is always available to suggest you the most suitable configuration.

Who else, than a Vacuum Metallising Plant manufacturer, making plants for more than 40 years, can design and fabricate an oven for metallising industry.


In our efforts to provide latest technologies to Vacuum Metallising Industry, we have developed and introduced, U.V. Lacquer Curing System to do Base-Coat and Top Coat on articles to be Vacuum Metallised, made of glass, plastic, ceramic or metal.

We have developed two types of U.V.  Curing Systems. First, in which you can tie your articles on frames and these frames can be cured in the oven. Another, in which you can tie your articles on spool and whole spool can be cured in one-go which will take only about 5 seconds. Also, you can always put your bigger or odd shape articles directly on the oven belt for the curing in our both models of ovens.

U.V. Lacquer instantaneous changes its state from liquid (wet) to solid (dry), as U.V. lacquer coated material is passed through a U.V. curing system.

LACQUER CURING U.V. OVENS U.V. Lacquering is best suitable for article which demand high finish quality -
  • Cosmetic containers
  • Perfumes caps
  • Nail polish caps
  • Cosmetic brushes
  • Sandal heels
  • Pens
  • Wall clocks
  • Photo frames
  • Curtain rods
  • Trophies
  • Wooden flooring
  • Mobile phones
  • T.V. cabinets
  • Door handles
  • Other items
  • Instant drying
  • Improved quality
  • High Reflectivity
  • Clean and efficient
  • Designed to
  • Colours
  • Lacquering Cost
  • Electric Power
- Time for curing one frame is about 2 to 3 seconds.
- Coated lacquer film is smooth, dust free, scratch proof, abrasion resistant.
- Very high reflectivity for vacuum metallised parts due to high film build.
- No toxic fumes, wastage. U.V. curing process is environment-friendly.
- Cure 3D objects from all sides.
- Can get different shades of Golden, Silver & all other colours.
- Almost same as of conventional heat drying lacquers.
- Half in comparison of conventional electric ovens.
U.V. curable lacquering is a giant technological step forward for Coating Industry.