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In Vacuum, we are looking after different fields of Production, Trading and Agencies.
Cosmic Connection stands for reliable high-tech products and innovative solutions that support our customer in their applications and pave the way to success.
Cosmic Connection is now synonymous with vacuum innovation. We have delivered the highest quality vacuum systems. Our products are based on a solid foundation of manufacturing excellence and unrivalled technical resources.
Yes, this is the place you want to look if you are interested in the most cutting edge, most reliable, high efficiency, superior quality & high performance vacuum products such as:
  • Vacuum Metallising Plants
  • Lacquer Curing- U.V. and Heating Ovens
  • Helping Equipments for Metallising Industry
  • Aluminium Coated Glass Mirror Coaters
  • Glass Washing Machines
  • Helping Equipments for Glass Mirror Industry
  • Vacuum Pumps
  • Vacuum Pumps Fluids
  • Evaporation Materials/Sources
We produce vacuum equipment with most complete variety and specifications. We have several plants of all description working successfully all over the country and abroad.
We stand behind each product with exceptional integrity and strength, supporting our customers beyond standard expectations.
We are proud to say that our exceptional performance and competitive priced has gained Cosmic Connection an exceptional reputation in the Vacuum Industry.
Mr. Pawan This division is having Agencies of the Foreign Manufacturers of High Technology Equipments, which are not available in India as well as Agencies for the Consumables of Process Industries, which include Glass Washing Machines, Roll Metallising Plants, Tungsten Wires, D.P. Oils, BN Boats and such Items. We have a very good experience and contacts to deal as an Agent for the Foreign Suppliers and to work on the Tenders Basis.
We are a Group that is committed to produce Quality Products through Innovative Technology and Pioneering Efforts.
We have a good work force and experience in Manufacturing as well as Agency Business. Customer orientation, flexibility and the permanent search for innovative solutions, products and technologies are our goals.


We are committed to make it a pleasant experience for you dealing with Cosmic Connection.