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Glass Mirrors produced by our Vacuum Metallising Plants has unique properties over conventional silver coated mirrors:-
Glass Mirror Metallising Plant
  • As Aluminum coating has High Surface Reflection, images appear brilliant, sparkling, clear, perfect and distortion free.
  • Unique for its improved optical quality due to Aluminum Coating of uniform thickness.
  • Bright reflection, free from black spots or grayish effect or haziness, during their entire lifetime.  These defects are common in commercial silvered mirrors.
  • Free from the effect of natural atmospheric conditions, viz., moisture, sun heat, dust etc. and better resistance to atmospheric corrosion (SO2, NO2, CO2) because of  superior qualities of Aluminum Coating.
  • Produced by pollution free, Vacuum Metallising process. This saves the environment from the harmful chemicals.
  • Opening of the Baffle Valve is towards Chamber. This prevents roughing/high-vacuum to be done in the B.V. in repetition of cycles. Also, B.V. works as Buffer Tank. This reduces cycle-time by about 50%.
  • Diffusion Pump size is bigger than others. This increases the production a lot.
  • Filaments placement is so designed that aluminium coating covers full surface area of the glass.
  • Proprietory design of chevron to avoid Back-Streaming of D.P. oil in work-chamber which improves brightness & adhesion of coatings.
  • Proper inter-lockings are provided in functioning of the plant. Even a new operator can run the plant.
  • The Coating Cycle is Fully Automatic with a choice of manual over-ride.
  • Introduction of imported Rotary/Booster Vacuum pumps helps in reduction in cycle-time upto 40%.
  • We have made/sold more than 400 industrial plants.
We make Glass Mirror Coating Plants to make Aluminium Coated Looking Glass Mirrors of any thickness and size from 2 feet x 3 feet upto 6 feet x 8 feet.
Plant for any specific size mirror can also be made.

The machine is the highly efficient and wash & dry glass to ensure clean glass surface to be used to  manufacture double-glazing glass and Looking Glass Mirrors by Vacuum Coating of Aluminium.
The machine adopts horizontal construction and feeding, washing, drying and discharge can be operated continuously. The automatic conveyor can realize performances and easy adaptability.

Rinsing sector and water flow system adopt rust-proof and rot-proof material, which can bear rough usage. The center sector divides into rinsing room, water absorbing room and dry room. Drying sector adopts sponge rollers to absorb water, and use hot wind to dry. The transmission system of rinsing machine adopts unlimited speed adjustment to realize high efficiency application.It is an ideal economical and practical equipment and the first choice for glass processing industry.
This machine apply paint like a curtain on the surface of all kinds of flat products, such as furniture, floor, metal, glass / mirror sheets, handicraft, etc.
This machine is also suitable for the concave and convex surfaces.
  • The coating thickness can be adjusted accurately, surface  of paint is uniform.
  • Machine is having a paint circulation device. Paint can be re-cycled.
  • Oil pump is having a system to Prevent Air bubble.
  • Having four layer Paint filter device, one in the coater, the other in the oil box.
  • Having Precision constant temperature control for paint, (error range≤2 ℃)
  • Conveyor belt is made from high quality PVC  resin, Solvent & Corrosion-resistant and easy to clean.
  • Conveying belt is controlled with AC motor transducer with step-less speed control.
  • Suitable for NC, PU, UV paint.
Curtain CoaterManufactured by our Chinese principals
This is required for drying mirror-backing paint of the mirror sheets.
This heating tunnel is designed by infrared heating technology. It can heat the paint film of glass surface after spraying to make it flat and dry rapidly. It is equipped with air blower to speed up the flow of inner air to make temperature even, remove bubbles in painting process and the objections such as uneven surface. It is suitable for curved and plane surface.One can use it alone and also can use it together with U.V. Dryer and Automatic Spraying Machine.