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Diffusion Pump Fluids
DURAOIL is Imported, highly purified doubly distilled, Highly stable, Hydrocarbon based, Diffusion Pump Fluid.

DURAOIL is having high pumping speeds and low saturated vapor pressures and used for vacuum down to 10-7 mm Hg.

DURAOIL is heat-treated to remove products of decomposition; subsequent double vacuum distillation then removes the remaining light fractions and redundant high boiling Point residues. The resultant Diffusion Pump Oil is highly stable, very low toxicity, extremely low volatility and narrow in molecular weight distribution.

DURAOIL is highly pure and having high stability for many of the aggressive applications in semiconductor processing. It is an excellent diffusion pump fluid for Vacuum Metallising Plants.

Packing - 1 Litre

Dura Oil
SUPER-7 is our developed, colourless, odorless, highly purified doubly distilled Hydrocarbon based Diffusion Pump Fluid.

SUPER-7 is having similar chemical properties as of DURAOIL.

  • Excellent lubricating qualities
  • Reduced back-streaming
  • Excellent vapor pressure characteristics
  • Absolutely non-corrosive to most metals
  • Gives excellent performance in rugged and demanding application where high vacuum is required.
  • High Flash Point Ensures high degree of safety even in case of accidental overheating.
  • High Boiling Point conforms to international standards of pumps so these oils are suitable for all pumps manufactured anywhere in the world.

Super-7 find wide application in frequently cycled industrial plants.

Super 7
The Working Life of SUPER-7 is much better and can achieve Higher Vacuum Level in comparison of all available Local D.P. Oils. As having low latent heat this oil evaporates quickly and therefore has high-energy efficiency. Most suitable for low cost fast pumping applications. The price and quality make this a choice for all.

Packing - 1 Litre

SUPER SILICON-704 diffusion pump oil is a single component, clear silicon based Diffusion Pump Oil that is chemically equivalent to DC-7O4.

SUPER SILICON-704 diffusion pump oil possesses excellent heat-stability, good resistance to oxidation and radiation. Its saturation vapour pressure is very low under room temperature, and changes sharply with the variation of temperature.

The minimal vacuum level can reach 10-9 mm Hg so the oil is most suitable to be used where ultra high vacuum with long service life is required. This oil has excellent thermal stability in addition to low vapour pressure to ensure optimum performance.

SUPER SILICON-704 diffusion pump oil performs well in tough, rugged applications with quick pump down, even after exposure to air at high temperatures. It is thermally and chemically stable, which keeps pump jets free of tars and hard carbon.

SUPER SILICON-704 diffusion pump oil can be used to produce high vacuum in the aerospace and electronics industries and is ideal for metallurgical and research needs, instrument manufacturing industry. It works well with vacuum coating operation.

Packing - 1 kg


Rotomax Rotary Pump Oil is a highly-refined hydrocarbon mineral oil. Works great in both rotary vane and rotary piston pumps. Provides good sealing, lubricity and ultimate vacuum

  • Small effect of contamination.
  • High exhausting speed.
  • Very small oil back-flow.
  • Wide hydraulic range of temperature.
  • Small pressure fluctuation to electricity fluctuation

Packing - 5 Litre  and  200 Litre

Tungsten Wires and Filaments
We can provide you Single or Multiple Strand Tungsten Wire or Filaments of any shape/design. Stranded Wire or Filaments can incorporate a core of Aluminum for wetting purposes.

Tungsten wire purity: 99.95%
Wire Diameter: 0.6 to 1.0 mm
Wire is available in the form of rolls.


  • Available in All Designs
  • Good Finish
  • Ultra Clean
  • Anti-Sag

Tungsten and Molybdenum Boats and Sheets are also available.

Aluminum wire and staples
Aluminum is available in Staples and Wire form
  • High Purity
  • Vacuum Grade
  • Available in popular shapes and sizes.
Evaporation Chemicals
Various Evaporation chemicals are available with us such as:-
  • Zinc Sulphide
  • Magnesium Fluoride
  • Silicon Monoxide
  • Cryolite
Call us with your specific requirement.